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Who are you?

      We're relatively new. Our focus is simple: sell great coins at fair prices.

How do you sell?

      We sell mainly at coin shows. Check out "Show Schedule" for our upcoming shows.

      We also sell a select number of inventory items on the website. Check them out!

What is Argenteus?

      Argenteus is a latin adjective that means "of silver." It is also the name of a coin first issued under the emperor Diocletian from the time of his coinage reform in AD 294 to ca. AD 310. It was of similar weight and fineness to the denarius of the time of Nero.

     We're named after the coin.

How do I contact you?

     Argenteus Rare Coins
     2001 Viers Mill Rd, #5375
     Rockville, MD 20851-9997

What about returns?

     Fourteen (14) days, return in the slab as received (you pay shipping back) and receive a full refund. No explanation necessary.

Do you buy coins?

     Selectively. Generally only coins graded by PCGS, NGC, or ANACS. Prices offered are generally based on Greysheet. If you're looking to sell something we're interested in, we likely will pay more than other dealers. Send us a query:

Do you take want lists?

     Yes. Tell us what  you're looking for:

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